Tuesday, February 21, 2012

EATING TOFU WILL MAKE YOU GAY! Or, the Tall Tales Of Stupid Bigots

I've officially heard it all.  Apparently, according to Jim Rutz of the "Megashift Ministries", eating tofu will feminize you.  Here's the  link to the best piece of dumbassery that I've ever seen.  No, really, he's absolutely sure about this.  In fact, he's citing all sorts of scientific "fact" to get you to believe him.

He also claims that soy is killing us, causing cancer, problems with our thyroids, lukemia.... wow.  So the millions of people living in Asia who eat soy products DAILY (and who, coincidentally, live healthier longer lives than Americans) are actually all cancer-riddled homosexuals?  Sweet.  Good to know that.

Pardon me.  I'll be right back.  I just need to go find this guy so I can reeducate him.

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